Let’s talk about you.

Our groundbreaking DNA testing will change the way you think about fitness, nutrition, hormones and wellness forever.

Tap into your genetics, and empower your lifestyle with groundbreaking science.


The world of fitness and nutrition advice is a complicated, fragmented world. Food groups that were vilified one day are ‘super-foods’ the next, and the workout craze of the moment often disappears just as quickly as it appeared.

We’re on a mission to identify how we get fit, eat right and live better on a truly personal level, using one simple concept: you.

SmartBody exists to put in front of the marketplace a category-dominant range of lab tests, all of which can be administered by yourself in your own home, for the purposes of understanding how to live a longer, healthier, more vital life.

Every test dispatched by our team has been authorized and approved by a doctor.  Every result is reviewed by a doctor and should you wish to speak with this doctor, or other professionals on our team, that mentoring is only a phone call away!

What these tests will reveal…

From absolute beginners, to pro athletes and the military, SmartBody is helping everybody reach their goals.

The information from your reports, from any SmartBody affiliated lab, can be used to make behavioral changes, gain insight into your health and make informed decisions regarding your diet, exercises, and overall lifestyle.

SmartBody can help empower you to help you make better health choices utilizing our roster of professional, certified mentors.

With actionable recommendations included with your results, and access to our registered nutritionists, you will have a foundation for change, as opposed to traditional lab results that don’t provide you with any next steps.

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