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The MigrainePainGS Panel provides several types of clinical data for you and your healthcare professional to evaluate. Foremost, the panel looks at genes associated with disorders that feature migraine pain, including coenzyme Q10 deficiency, mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, advanced sleep-phase syndrome, dystonia, and others. In addition, the panel also looks at major biochemical pathways and receptors that can play a role in your symptoms.

Many forms of migraines are strongly influenced by genetics. Not only is it common for migraines to run in families, but studies have shown that certain genetic variations can cause certain types of migraines or indicate responsiveness to certain management options. MigrainePainGS provides genetic information that can be used to identify the best management options for you. This is a great improvement over the typical trial-and-error approach, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating, considering the sizable list of migraine management options that are available.

*All GeneSavvy Genetic tests must be signed for by a physician. If you don’t currently have a physician, we can connect you with a physician after you complete your order to review your health information and submit the needed documents.

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