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About Smart Body

Cutting-edge Science. Made Simple.

By bringing together a collection of the world’s best DNA laboratories, and make their testing available to the masses in America and the globe, SmartBody allows all to participate in understanding their genetic code better, and creates actionable items for them to follow.  No matter where you live, no matter what language you speak, no matter your socio-economic status, we want to help mankind with this understanding and implementation of such.

SmartBody has been around since 2012, at the very beginning of in-home DNA testing for various purposes and outcomes.


We feel the “old school” medical approach is mostly broken.  You get co-payed to death to sit in a waiting room for one hour past appointment time, to see your physician and get 3 minutes of discussion, often with an underling, not necessarily your primary care doctor.  Testing must be ordered, often necessitating another visit to a blood draw facility, then yet another follow-up or two with your doctor for interpretation.  And you must fight to get the report back in your possession when its your body, your chemistry.  People are busy!!!!

SmartBody values our precious free time with our families and loved ones on behalf of our clients.  SmartBody allows direct to home testing kits, affording the following:

  • Same accurate results using saliva, blood spots or urine
  • Less time committed to the process
  • Results sent directly to you the instant they are developed
  • Professionals to mentor you through the process should you desire


We believe that no one should be completely defined by their genetics.  Yet there are 7.4 billion people on the planet and we are all unique.

That’s why we combine our client’s specific fitness goals with their DNA results when creating our personalized recommendations. The actionable advice that we offer allows individuals to make positive lifestyle choices and consistent progression, so they can realize their full genetic potential in the sports they enjoy, with the physiques they desire.


We rely on top labs, CLIA-certified and beyond reproach ethically, to bring the best science in the world to the table.  They are our preferred providers…we have made those selections for you, so you may have comfort in knowing you are always dealing with world-class science, protocols and people when doing business with SmartBody.


We strive to create an empowered, informed and connected community.

For our clients, receiving their results is just the start. We aim to establish valued relationships through a strong social presence, encouraging an open community who can support each other and share their experiences as they advance through their SmartBody journey.

Our team are also on hand to offer all necessary and reasonable guidance and motivation to ensure each individual we test achieves their fitness aspirations.  Physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers, nurses, yoga masters, body builders, endurance ultra athletes — all are available for mentoring and implementation planning.


We have developed a strong ethical code of practice to ensure our conduct runs parallel with our own beliefs.

The trust of the SmartBody community is central to our success. That’s why dealing with all those we encounter fairly and lawfully is our guiding ethical principle. Because we believe that everyone should own their genetic data, we get those results to you the instant our lab partners get them to us.

At SmartBody we encourage mutual respect, as well as individual creativity and contribution, providing each employee with the opportunity to grow alongside the company.


Tim R. Wofford, Founder & CEO

Mr. Tim Wofford is a veteran of retail and finance in his 32-year business career.  He has been involved with some of the world’s most significant retailing entities in his career, including Wal-Mart Stores/Sam’s Club, Staples The Office Superstore, Makro/Metro Cash and Carry Stores and Makro Office Centre.  He often served as SVP or Managing Director capacities in these assignments.  He has lived on 4 continents and done business in 40+ countries and appreciates the vast cultural differences throughout the planet.  He has many years of consulting experience in addition to launching many of his own ventures.  He has been involved in multiple industries, including medical, manufacturing, labs, oil and gas, insurance, construction and technology.  His passion for health and wellness led him to create SmartBody, making it a powerful resource to others.

For Wofford, creating savings in both money and time to the end-user consumer is a priority.

Tim is a visionary and a merchandising executive adept at complex, start-up and international situations.  He has a proven track record of creating products lines or enhancing existing assortments in both large and small company situations.  He possesses a solid history of working with teams and/or multi-national organizations and securing incremental revenues, bottom line profit savings or revenue stream creations when launching products or services.

Please let us know if you have questions.

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